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Located in the heart of the UNESCO-listed Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam's Quang Binh province, Hang Son Doong is one of the most captivating destinations that can be experienced in Southeast Asia.

993 Views | 19-12-2018

Inside Son Doong, the World's Largest Cave

It was 1991. A Vietnamese logger named Ho Khanh was hiking through the jungle near his home in Phong Nha, in central Vietnam.

661 Views | 13-09-2018

Americans lead visits to world’s largest cave in Vietnam

Americans have comprised the largest continent of visitors to the Son Doong Cave in 2018.
623 Views | 05-09-2018

Charming destinations of Vietnam introduced at travel expo

Six provinces and cities with strong tourism industry introduced their most attractive destinations to foreign buyers at a workshop in Ho Chi Minh City on September 5.
1190 Views | 05-08-2018

Think again! 8 misconceptions about a Son Doong cave tour

Exploring the famous Son Doong Cave is not as difficult as people think.
510 Views | 08-05-2018

Quang Binh–potential for tourism development

Quang Binh in central Vietnam is well-known for natural landscapes, spiritual tourism destinations and historical relic sites.