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One of the best campsites in the world – Hang Tien cave campsite


Among the top must-have camping experiences in the world, pitching a tent under the stars amid some of the most breathtaking sceneries is the wild and free camping experience that any nature lovers & explorers have ever dreamed of. Even if you have ever camped on dreamy beaches of the Caribbean islands or on snow-capped peaks of the Alps, the feeling of sleeping in the heart of tropical jungles right next to a million-year-old cave is like no other!

When traveling to Phong Nha, you might want to look at what to do in Phong Nha so that you would not miss out some fun and must-do activities. Make sure to check out one of top campsites in Vietnam and in Asia – the Hang Tien campsite, located just about 70km away from the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, home to the world’s largest cave Hang Son Doong.

Settled deep in the untouched jungles of Quang Binh province, Central Vietnam, the Hang Tien cave campsite is considered as one of the best campsites in the world owing to its majestic views and unique experiences that explorers will have while taking a break during their journeys to the majestic Hang Tien cave – a part of the marvelous Tu Lan cave system and one of the most astounding caves on Earth. Among other must-see beautiful caves in Phong Nha, Hang Tien cave stands out to be the preferable option for travelers as you can go camping here at the gorgeous Hang Tien campsite while camping is not available at other caves such as Paradise cave or Phong Nha cave.

As one of the top outdoor activities in Phong Nha, the journey to the Hang Tien campsite is perfect for those looking for the best camping adventure in South East Asia, right in the untouched jungles of Vietnam.

After a long day trekking & caving, the Hang Tien campsite sets among the pristine jungles, next to the tranquil rivers is truly a paradise ready to blow your mind away. The facilities are thoughtfully set will be a big surprise to anyone as there are kitchen areas, dining tables, composting toilets and even changing tents properly equipped in such remote areas right in the middle of tropical jungles. What really takes the Hang Tien camping experience to next level is the mouth-watering food prepared by the local porter chef. There are various food options for vegan, vegetarians, meat lovers and even hot instant coffee and teas while unwinding by the river.

Sweating after the jungle trek? Taking a dip in the beautiful blue natural pool right next to the campsite is amazingly refreshing. It’s highly recommended as one of the must-do adventure activities in Phong Nha! The underground river spouts out through the cave entrance and eventually forms a unique natural pool that is just perfect for you to enjoy a refreshing swim. For those charming sceneries, Hang Tien campsite stands out to be one of must-see destinations and best campsites in Vietnam.

At the end of the day, a good sleep is what you need before another day trek, the tents are always ready whenever trekkers arrive in the campsite and fully equipped with comfortable mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags, etc. just like your second home when you travel to Vietnam!

Hang Tien campsite is also known as one of the best stargazing destinations in the world which is a must to experience Vietnam traveling to the utmost! Miles away from your hometown, in the middle of the tropical jungles of Central Vietnam, you will be sitting by the springs under the starry sky with like-mind travelers from different countries, sipping hot coffee while stories are being told . “All good things are wild and free”, you will get excited while sleeping in the cozy tents, as an exciting adventure awaits you outside the tent when the sun comes up.

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